What is Scarier? Halloween 2021

Are you a germaphobe or an arachnophobe? Or just a plain old scaredy cat? Take this poll to vote on what’s scariest to you—and see what gives others a fright.

Valentine’s Love Bug App 2020

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Try the BioFire Love Bug App to meet your infectious match!

Respiratory Trivia Quiz

Coughing, sneezing, wheezing—the symptoms may be similar, but can be caused by a variety of viruses & bacteria. Test your respiratory knowledge in this quiz!

BioFire Haunted House – Halloween 2019

Each room of the BioFire Haunted House contains a mysterious bug making mischief. Creep around the house to catch the culprits!

Which GI Bug Wants to be Your Friend?

You may not want to become friends with a gastrointestinal bug—but there’s no holding in their affection for you! Thankfully, we can help you detect which GI bug is busy making a friendship bracelet especially for you.

Meet Some of the Inspiring Women Leaders of BioFire

We’re proud of a culture that supports & grows women in leadership. Meet some of the amazing women that help grow & develop every area of BioFire.

Pneumonia Trivia Quiz

Pneumonia is a condition that is as common as it is complex. The BioFire® FilmArray® Pneumonia Panel can rise up to the challenge...can you?

How Epidemiology Began with a London Water Pump

In 1854, a physician named John Snow removed a water pump’s handle—and it changed the world.

5 More Bad Bugs to Watch Out For

From problematic parasites to barbaric bacteria, these bad bugs are wanted for a wide array of sickening crimes.

5 Bad Bugs to Watch Out For

From vicious viruses to felonious fungi, these bad bugs are wanted for a wide array of sickening crimes.