The BioFire® FilmArray®
Respiratory Panels (RP & RP2)

The BioFire Respiratory Panels are first-line tests to help clinicians quickly diagnose respiratory infections, which contribute to a significant healthcare burden1,2 and present with nearly indistinguishable symptoms.

BioFire Respiratory Panel 2 (RP2)


Detection of respiratory pathogens just got faster and more comprehensive! The latest and greatest in respiratory solutions from BioFire include:

  • The addition of Bordetella parapertussis pathogen target
  • An unprecedented run time of about 45 minutes
  • Optimized assays to improve overall sensitivity

BioFire RP2 is available on the BioFire® FilmArray® 2.0 and the BioFire® FilmArray® Torch Systems.


BioFire Respiratory Panel (RP)


BioFire’s original Respiratory Panel delivers results on 17 viral and 3 bacterial targets in about an hour. The BioFire RP is available on all existing instruments, including the BioFire® FilmArray® 1.5, BioFire 2.0, and the high throughput BioFire Torch.



Overall 97.1% Sensitivity and 99.3% Specificity 6
Sample Type: Nasopharyngeal swab in transport media



● Adenovirus
● Coronavirus HKU1
● Coronavirus NL63
● Coronavirus 229E
● Coronavirus OC43
● Human Metapneumovirus
● Human Rhinovirus/Enterovirus
● Influenza A
● Influenza A/H1
● Influenza A/H3
● Influenza A/H1-2009
● Influenza B
● Parainfluenza Virus 1
● Parainfluenza Virus 2
● Parainfluenza Virus 3
● Parainfluenza Virus 4
● Respiratory Syncytial Virus



● Bordetella parapertussis*
● Bordetella pertussis
● Chlamydia pneumoniae
● Mycoplasma pneumoniae

* Available only on the BioFire Respiratory Panel 2

Improve Clinical Outcomes

BioFire RP results have been shown to significantly reduce ICU days5 and duration of antibiotic use4. Optimize patient management with clinically actionable results.

Improve Operational Efficiency

BioFire RP dramatically reduces time to results compared to traditional
testing methods. It enables clinicians to diagnose patients
faster and get them on the road to recovery more quickly, freeing up valuable healthcare resources sooner.3

Improve Economic Outcomes

BioFire RP has been shown to reduce overall healthcare costs. Significant savings were demonstrated in an adult ICU population in both patients that tested positive for a respiratory pathogen as well as those that tested negative.5

“After implementing the BioFire RP, statistically significant reductions were observed among adult ICU patients in 28 day all-cause mortality, ICU and ventilator days, ER and hospital lengths of stay, antimicrobial utilization, laboratory tests ordered, and total cost per visit.”5

– Geisinger Health System
Danville, PA

Other Available BioFire® Panels


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