Return Forms

Access Forms for a Simple Return

BioFire Diagnostics is aware of the challenges that customers face in the clinical lab, and we are here to help. Instructions and forms for product replacement and repair are provided to make this process as seamless and simple as possible.

If you are returning an instrument or product for replacement, repair or service, follow the steps below to obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number first, then fill out the appropriate forms to return your product.

For questions or immediate assistance regarding returning products to BioFire Diagnostics, contact Customer Support at +1-801-736-6354 option 5 or email

Return Instructions

Step 1: Obtain an RMA Number

An RMA number must be obtained before returning any equipment (machines, parts, accessories). If an item is returned to BioFire Diagnostics without an RMA or the required decontamination labels and forms, it will be returned to the original sender at their cost.

Step 2: Decontamination

Once you have obtained an RMA number, please properly decontaminate the instrument. After you have submitted the return form, you will be presented with decontamination labels to print and adhere to the instrument and to the shipping container.

Click here to download the decontamination procedures.

To download additional decontamination labels, click here.