Highest Detected Respiratory Pathogens

Respiratory pathogens tend to be seasonal, however, not all pathogens follow the same pattern. Learn more about which pathogens are circulating.

Combating Healthcare-Acquired Infections (HAIs) with Syndromic Infectious Disease Testing

Effectively combating HAIs requires the deployment of a multi-pronged approach to lessen the disease burden and protect patient health.

Tactics to De-escalate Transmission of COVID-19 in Healthcare Facilities

Like other commonly identified HAIs, the nosocomial transmission of the COVID-19 virus poses an immediate threat to patient health & safety.

Questions from the Blood Bench – Lab Week Webinar on April 28

In celebration of Laboratory Professionals Week, bioMérieux wishes to show thanks to laboratory professionals & highlight the importance these individuals have on patient care.

Updating Breakpoints in Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

All clinical microbiology laboratories should use the most up-to-date AST breakpoints to interpret minimum inhibitory concentrations and disk diffusion zones.

COVID PCR Testing Can be Fast—and It’s More Accurate than Rapid Antigen Tests

Rapid antigen tests provide results very quickly but can show a reduced sensitivity. Molecular PCR testing provides fast, accurate answers.

Healthy Child, Happy Parents: Syndromic Testing in the Pediatric Population

Michael Edmund Watson, MD, PhD discusses the syndromic approach to diagnostic testing in a pediatric population. Listen now!

Meningitis in Pediatric Patients and the Value of Multiplex PCR Syndromic Testing

The syndromic approach can help distinguish between bacterial & viral etiologies for meningitis in pediatric patients. Learn more.

Nasty Norovirus

Gastrointestinal illness is never pleasant—but norovirus is particularly nasty. Traditional testing methods are time consuming and may not reveal the etiology of a patient’s gastrointestinal symptoms.
The BioFire® Torch System product image.

Evolving to Meet Your Needs: BioFire® FilmArray® System Software Updates

Here are some simple steps to help maintain your BioFire FilmArray System, prevent problems from arising, and ensure accurate results.