World Meningitis Day 2022

Oct 5, is World Meningitis Day—24 hours devoted to raising global awareness about a dangerous infectious disease that can affect anyone.

Syndromic Testing: Distinguishing the Cause of Gastrointestinal Illness in Pediatric Patients

Distinguishing cause of gastrointestinal illness in pediatric patients can be difficult. Utilizing a syndromic approach can provide answers quickly.

It’s Not Always IBD: Infectious Causes for Gastrointestinal Illness

The symptoms of infectious gastroenteritis can be very similar to the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease making it difficult to distinguish between an IBD flare-up and infectious gastroenteritis without laboratory testing.

Respiratory Testing: The Economic Value of the Syndromic Approach

Multiplex PCR testing with the BIOFIRE RP2.1 Panel provides clinicians with the information they need to make targeted treatment decisions faster.

Economic Value of the BioFire BCID2 Panel

Syndromic testing may help hospitals realize savings on costly bloodstream infection & sepsis hospitalizations.

Showdown: The BioFire BCID2 Panel vs. Traditional Testing Methods

In a world of slow, labor-intensive testing, multiplex PCR testing with the BioFire BCID2 Panel can give you the advantage over bloodborne pathogens.

Septic Arthritis

Septic arthritis can lead to cartilage damage, reduced mobility & death. Learn the signs, symptoms, and how syndromic testing can help diagnosis faster.

BioFire’s New Multiplex PCR Testing Solution for Joint Infections

The BioFire Joint Infection Panel features a panel of 31 causative pathogens & 8 antimicrobial resistance markers most likely to cause joint infections.

Diagnostic Stewardship 101

Diagnostic stewardship represents an opportunity for a holistic approach to diagnosing diseases, and aiding in antimicrobial stewardship efforts.

On Point Podcast

Respiratory infections can be difficult to diagnose at the point of care. In this podcast series, Dr. Daniel Bruckner, discusses the syndromic approach.