Enterovirus and Human Parechovirus: A Closer Look at Childhood Pathogens

An overview of Enterovirus and Human Parechovirus and how the BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® Meningitis/Encephalitis (ME) Panel can help quickly identify them to support optimal therapy for neonates and young children.

BIOFIRE® FIREWORKS™: The Ultimate Hub for Surveillance and System Data

FIREWORKS is a cloud-based data solution designed to give total insights & analytics into BIOFIRE System performance, utilization, pathogen surveillance, & laboratory workflow management.

Checking in on the 2022-23 Flu Season

The COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on typical respiratory pathogen circulation. Due to this, predictions suggest a stronger 2022-2023 flu season, how is it shaking up?

The Value of AMS Efforts in Ambulatory and Emergency Settings

Fast diagnostics are essential in ambulatory and emergency department settings to aid in appropriate treatment, including reducing unnecessary antibiotics.
Lab technicians looking over a BioFire® System report.

Clinical Differences Between Encephalitis and Meningitis

Because encephalitis and meningitis each affect different tissues, they can cause distinct symptoms. Here are some of the similarities and differences between encephalitis symptoms and meningitis symptoms.

Renal Complications in Sepsis Patients: The Importance of Timely Therapy

Sepsis-associated acute kidney injury (SA-AKI) is a potentially lethal complication of AKI. Timely diagnostics and antibiotic treatment are critical.

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING: A Revolutionary New Respiratory Solution for Outpatient Settings

The SPOTFIRE Respiratory (R) Panel runs on the BIOFIRE® SPOTFIRE® System—an easy-to-use, CLIA-waived system with a small, vertically scalable footprint.

Meningitis: Fast Diagnostics for a Deadly Disease

Distinguishing bacterial from viral meningitis based on clinical presentation alone is challenging. Getting fast, pathogen-specific answers can help save lives and guide appropriate therapy.

Prosthetic Joint Infections and the Impact of Syndromic Testing

Rapid and actionable answers from the BIOFIRE JI Panel may help guide treatment decisions, including potential antimicrobial therapy and surgical decisions for prosthetic joint infections,

Gastrointestinal Pathogen Trends

Many gastrointestinal pathogens can cause illness—no matter the time of year—but the symptoms are often similar, making it difficult to diagnose a gastrointestinal infection based on symptoms.