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Our Mission Is Simple

BioFire simplifies our customers’ lives by innovating easy-to-use clinical molecular diagnostic solutions that provide fast and accurate results. Our mission is simple and important: to help make the world a healthier place.

BioFire’s Syndromic Approach Is Changing Infectious Disease Diagnostics

Many infections present with similar signs and symptoms. But today’s targeted infectious disease diagnostics limit testing to only the most common pathogens associated with a clinical syndrome. This leaves most infections undiagnosed and leads to additional downstream testing, patient dissatisfaction and compromised patient care.

BioFire’s syndromic approach to infectious disease diagnostics is changing all of that.

The syndromic approach is a symptom-driven diagnostic method that combines a broad grouping of probable pathogenic causes into a single, rapid test. This allows physicians to easily choose the right test, the first time.

Our innovative team leads the industry in infectious disease diagnostics and provides molecular solutions that lessen the time to medical results, empower healthcare professionals to make better diagnostic decisions and lower healthcare costs. We are committed to improving the quality of life for everyone, everywhere, every day.