For Healthcare Providers

Improve Patient Care and Satisfaction

The BioFire® FilmArray® helps healthcare providers improve patient care and satisfaction by providing comprehensive syndromic testing, faster results and better results. Impacts on patient care range from hastening appropriate therapy to decreasing the length of stay.

The FilmArray®: Gateway to Syndromic Testing

Many infections present with similar signs and symptoms. But today’s targeted infectious disease diagnostics limit testing to only the most common pathogens associated with a clinical syndrome. This leaves most infections undiagnosed and leads to additional downstream testing, patient dissatisfaction and compromised patient care. By using a molecular syndromic approach and a broad test menu, the FilmArray can better detect and identify the infectious agent with just one easy diagnostic test.

Get Faster Results

The FilmArray helps healthcare providers deliver proper treatment and reduce patient hospital stays by providing fast and accurate pathogen identification. With a one hour turnaround time, clinicians can make vital decisions regarding hospital admission, isolation, cohorting, antiviral or antibiotic therapy and additional diagnostic testing.

Get Better Results

BioFire’s syndromic approach increases the probability of identifying a pathogen in patients with symptoms of an infectious disease and increases capability of detection of co-infections.

What Healthcare Providers Are Saying

The FilmArray is improving patient care by speeding up the overall process. The system allows the patient to be diagnosed quicker, treated appropriately and get out the door without a reason to return. Hear directly from users how the FilmArray is improving patient care at their facilities.

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