FilmArray® LIS Connectivity

A Faster, Better Interface

FilmArray® Link Software provides the FilmArray® System with the ability to interface with a laboratory information system (LIS), allowing for test results to be electronically transferred after completion of the sample run.

How it Works

FilmArray Link Software retrieves test result data from the configured FilmArray database, sends the data to the corresponding Electronic Report Module (ERM) and sends the ERM to the bioMérieux Communication Interface (BCI) Link software. BCI Link then sends the electronic report to the LIS and can be configured for use with either shared folder protocol or file transfer protocol (FTP).

A driver, provided by the LIS vendor, collects, reads, and parses the electronic reports, as well as reformats the parsed data into a form that can be read by the LIS.

Interfacing the FilmArray System

To set up the interface, the FilmArray customers will need to obtain the FilmArray Link Software and the appropriate driver from their LIS or middleware provider.

FilmArray Link is available for the FilmArray® 2.0 and the FilmArray® Torch.

Request the FilmArray® Link Software

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