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BioFire is committed to training and educating our customers through training videos and webinars. Frequently, our advances are highlighted in local and national news stories. Stay informed by watching the videos below.


Algorithms? The FilmArray® Meningitis/Encephalitis (ME) Panel: Experience of a Tertiary Children’s Hospital

On September 19, 2017, Dr. Jennifer Dien Bard discussed the impact of the Meningitis/Encephalitis (ME) Panel in a children’s hospital in this CAP TODAY webinar.

Impact of Rapid Molecular Diagnostics and
Antimicrobial Stewardship in the Treatment of
Bloodstream Infections.

During this Elsevier webinar you will learn that timely results and effective treatment are crucial in management of patients with bloodstream infections.

When Minutes Count: Timely Diagnosis in Meningitis and Encephalitis

During this Medscape hosted webinar, Kevin B. Messacar, MD and Amy L. Leber, PhD discuss newer molecular diagnostic methods for meningitis and encephalitis and the role of these methods in clinical decision-making.

Respiratory Pathogen Detection: An outcome-based study on a first in, first out (FIFO) testing algorithm

During this course you will learn about the clinical and economic impact of a first-in, first-out testing algorithm for detecting respiratory pathogens on patient outcomes in an adult ICU setting.

Molecular Syndromic Testing: Assessing the Impact on Pediatric Care

During this GenomeWeb hosted webinar, Dr. Dien Bard will discuss ongoing work to assess whether this rapid turnaround time allows clinicians to more rapidly diagnose GI illness and recommend the appropriate therapy.

The Clinical Impact of the FilmArray® GI Panel

In this webinar, speakers, Dr. Kimberle Chapin and Dr. Rangaraj Selvarangan, discuss preliminary results of a pre/post intervention study to measure patient outcomes following implementation of the FilmArray GI Panel for children with gastroenteritis presenting to Emergency Departments.

Advances in Diagnostic Strategies: New Approaches to and Old Problem

During this webinar you can learn more about the syndromic approach and how it can be applied to the diagnosis of respiratory infections.

Point of Impact Testing in the Emergency Department: Diagnostics for Respiratory Viral Infections

Learn why molecular syndromic testing in a decentralized setting is increasingly important for both disease management and infection control.

CAP Today Webinar: How Syndromic Testing Can Improve Patient Care

This webinar describes the benefits of the FilmArray® technology and the importance of syndromic testing. It provides insight into the clinical performance of critical FilmArray panels that may improve patient outcomes.

CAP Today Webinar: The BioFire FilmArray Making a Difference

Originally broadcast on November 4, 2014, this webinar describes the benefits of the FilmArray technology and provides insight into the future of diagnostics.

CAP Today Webinar: Focus on FilmArray: One new technology applied to classic clinical problems

This webinar features two clinical speakers who discuss the FilmArray Respiratory Panel and Blood Culture Identification Panel, impact on patient care and other benefits.


Rapid Blood Culture Pathogen Identification: A Piece of the Antimicrobial Stewardship Puzzle

Dr. Judd explains how his institution has successfully implemented an antimicrobial stewardship program using the BioFire® FilmArray® Blood Culture Identification Panel, and how this program has impacted downstream clinical and economic outcomes.

The Economic Impact of Rapid Multiplex PCR Testing For Meningitis/Encephalitis

Dr. Hasbun discusses how the BioFire® FilmArray® Meningitis/Encephalitis Panel has the potential to help reduce or more appropriately utilize medical resources in the ME population compared to Standard of Care.

Best Practices of the BioFire® FilmArray® Meningitis/Encephalitis (ME) Panel

Learn from a large Integrated Delivery Network Laboratory Director, Susan Whittier, PhD, ABMM, on her practice of using the BioFire ME Panel as a front-line test. The discussion will include case studies, best practices, and protocols that have been successfully used within her network.

Clinical Performance of the IUO BioFire® FilmArray® Pneumonia Panel

The syndromic approach of the Pneumonia Panel has the potential to improve patient outcomes.

IDWeek 2017 Workshop Part I

At IDWeek 2017, BioFire hosted a workshop. During part I of this workshop Dr. Rand presented on “A Gastrointestinal PCR Panel Improves Clinical Management and Lowers Healthcare Costs.”

IDWeek 2017 Workshop Part II

At IDWeek 2017, BioFire hosted a workshop. During part II of this workshop Dr. Clark presented on “The Clinical Impact of Routine Molecular Point-of-Care Testing for Respiratory Viruses in Adults Presenting to Hospital: Results of a Large Pragmatic Randomised Controlled Trial.”

Why Syndromic Screening for the Diagnosis of Meningitis/Encephalitis?

During this workshop, Dr. Christine Ginocchio, Dr. Joan-Miquel Balada-Llasat and Dr. Rodrigo Hasbun discuss clinical and lab dilemmas of diagnosing infectious meningitis and encephalitis. See how the FilmArray Meningitis/Encephalitis Panel can help with rapid test results, cutting out the guesswork and improving patient healthcare.

Syndromic Testing: The New Standard for Infectious Disease Testing

Dr. Christine Ginocchio and Dr. Kim Chapin explore the benefits of utilizing syndromic testing to identify pathogens causing infectious diseases in this workshop presented at AMP 2015. See how the new ME Panel can provide fast and comprehensive results, influence better patient management and improve overall healthcare value.

How To Videos

How To: Use FilmArray® RP EZ Software

Watch this video to learn how to use the FilmArray® RP EZ Software.

How To: Use FilmArray® Torch Software

This video will demonstrate how to use the FilmArray® Torch Software.

How To: Load a GI Pouch

This video will demonstrate how to properly load a GI Pouch before testing it on the FilmArray instrument.

How To: Install a Pouch Module on FilmArray 2.0

This short training video walks you through the steps of installing and managing a pouch module using the FilmArray software. This training is helpful when a new version of a pouch is released

How To: Archive Run Files on FilmArray 2.0

This training course walks you through the steps of archiving run files from the FilmArray software. Archiving data is a way to free up space and back up the FilmArray database.

How To: Export and Import Run Files on FilmArray 2.0

Exporting runs is a great way to transfer data to an alternate computer for analysis or if you need to email a run to the FilmArray Customer Support team for review. This training video will walk you through the steps of exporting and importing your run files.

How To: Install FilmArray Software on FilmArray 2.0

This video reviews the steps of upgrading your FilmArray software to a new version. To complete the installation you will need the FilmArray software installation disk. If you do not have the installation disk, please contact Customer Support.


The FilmArray – How it Works

BioFire Diagnostics’ FilmArray System offers unmatched ease-of-use with just two minutes of hands-on time. Training is minimal and the software walks you through the entire process. Watch the video to see the FilmArray in action.

In The News

Utah Bio Tech Company Feverishly Making Flu Test Kits

A bio tech company here in Utah is helping hospitals across the country and the world detect the flu in an effort to save more lives. They’ve sent out hundreds of thousands of FilmArray® Respiratory Panel kits.

Flu season Keeping Salt Lake Testing Company Very Busy

BioFire Diagnostics, a Salt Lake company, is working overtime to make test kits to help doctors diagnose various illnesses. Patient blood and other fluid samples are analyzed by the kits, which can deliver results in under an hour.

KentuckyOne Health: Infection Control Technology

KentuckyOne Health: Healthbreak shows benefits of the new FilmArray System addition to St. Joseph Hospital and St. Joseph East. Since implementing the FilmArray System, they have seen a nearly 80% reduction in the time required for identification of bacteria in the bloodstream.

Stonewall Jackson Gets New Equipment

West Virginia’s 12 News Health Watch visits Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital after they add the FilmArray System to the lab. Faster diagnosis allows patients to get the correct treatment faster.

New Machines Cut Down Flu Tests to Under an Hour

The FilmArray Respiratory test has cut the result time of a patient sample from about six hours down to roughly 60 minutes. Salt Lake City’s KSL News visits Intermountain Medical Center to get an inside look at the process.

Tech Developed in Utah is a Useful Tool during Peak Flu Season

Some symptoms of the common cold are the same symptoms seen in someone with the flu, but the treatments for each condition differ. BioFire Diagnostics’ FilmArray aims to eliminate the guesswork in determining which of the two conditions a patient has.

Seattle Children’s – Flu Lab Speeding up Test Results

One of the worst parts about going to the doctor’s office is the long wait for test results. Not if you go to Seattle Children’s Hospital. Dr. Michael Astion and Dr. Min Xu explain why Seattle Children’s has one of the fastest labs in the country.