FilmArray® FAQ

Answers from BioFire Customer Support

As part of an ongoing management program specific steps should be taken to preserve the functionality of the FilmArray® System and to ensure continued efficient use in the laboratory. The BioFire Customer Support team has compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to assist in this process.

How should I clean the FilmArray® instrument and reagent setup areas?

Decontaminate regularly to minimize the risk of contamination. See our Contamination Prevention and Decontamination Advisory Notice for more information and recommended decontamination and cleaning procedures.

What is the best way to maintain the FilmArray database?

Archive run data often to keep your system running efficiently and store the run data as part of a data retention policy. For FilmArray 1.5, the System can reliably hold up to 1000 pouch runs, and for FilmArray 2.0 the computer can reliably hold up to 8000 pouch runs. Take a look at the FilmArray Operator’s Manual for more information and/or visit the video library to learn how to archive a run file.

Who do I contact to ask technical questions?

Contact our Customer Support team by calling 1-800-735-6544 option 5 or email Our team of Clinical Applications Specialists are available to assist with you FilmArray related needs.

Who do I contact if I have feedback or suggestions regarding BioFire or FilmArray?

If you have feedback or suggestions for how we can improve our products or processes, our team would be happy to receive your comments. Contact our Customer Support team by calling 1-800-735-6544 option 5 or email