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Perform Around-the-Clock Testing with FilmArray

The BioFire FilmArray easily integrates into clinical laboratories, allowing for relevant molecular testing around the clock. The FilmArray System streamlines laboratory workflow and maximizes productivity in an easy, fast and comprehensive way.

The FilmArray®: Streamlining Lab Processes with Syndromic Testing

By using a molecular syndromic approach and a broad test menu, the FilmArray can better detect and identify the infectious agent with just one easy test. Because of its ease-of-use, the same standard of care can be provided 24/7, removing the need to delay or send out certain tests.

FilmArray Is Easy

Simply prepare a FilmArray test with two minutes of hands-on time without precise measuring or pipetting. The sample is automatically analyzed and results reported in an easy-to-read format.

FilmArray Is Fast

The FilmArray has a run-time of about an hour, allowing labs to provide answers to physicians in a clinically relevant time frame.

FilmArray Is Comprehensive

Comprehensive syndromic testing allows labs to streamline their workflow and provide answers to physicians with an increased diagnostic yield. This comprehensive test system helps to detect co-infections as well as uncommon pathogens.

What Labs Are Saying

The FilmArray and the comprehensive panels add value to the laboratory offering a larger scope of testing with fewer resources. The test can be run by any tech, and results are available on all shifts. Hear directly from users how the FilmArray is adding value in the lab.

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