BIOFIRE® FIREWORKS™: The Ultimate Hub for Surveillance and System Data

Imagine, for a moment, the BIOFIRE® FILMARRAY® TORCH System. The speed and efficiency of this diagnostic powerhouse enable labs to process hundreds of patient samples daily. Now picture a hospital or lab network that has multiple of these instruments, spread across the state or country.

What happens when you need results on a single test, but don’t know in which binder, USB, or folder that result is being stored? How would you go about collecting utilization data or monitoring active tests across all instruments in your network?

Keeping track of test results, surveillance data, and instrument and staff performance analytics is not an easy task, especially for labs with busy staff and overflowing caseloads. Decentralized data management doesn’t make matters easier as this approach lacks the visibility that’s vital for streamlining lab operations and workflow. Time is lost on phone calls and searches through endless case files, which can have a negative impact on diagnostic capabilities and patient care.

The BIOFIRE FIREWORKS platform can help meet these needs and more. In this article, we look at this state-of-the-art data solution and how it can help save time in the lab, lessen workloads, and create more efficient workflows.