5 More Bad Bugs to Watch Out For

From vicious viruses to felonious fungi, these bad bugs are wanted for a wide array of sickening crimes.


Despite breaking most of the rules, Cryptosporidium is a regular at the local recreation center. He can’t resist infecting innocent swimmers, but he can resist chlorine. Much like the diarrhea he leaves in his wake, Cryptosporidium strikes without warning and moves extremely fast.

Staphylococcus aureus

Although he often loiters undetected in healthy humans, Staphylococcus aureus is wanted for several counts of aggravated bloodstream assault and impersonating law-abiding bacteria. His ability to infiltrate almost any environment makes him difficult to apprehend.


Being more brain than brawn doesn’t make Cryptococcus any less of a threat—this fungal fugitive uses mind games to lure his victims and outsmart the police. Investigators have narrowed down his current whereabouts to a tropical climate with no extradition treaty.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus

RSV was once told to pick on somebody his own size—that’s how he got his start infecting infants. He’s little, he’s fierce, and he’s everywhere, which is why fellow Paramyxoviridae gang members call him the Napoleon Bonaparte of respiratory pathogens. The sound of coughing children is music to his ears.


A kingpin of food-borne illness, Salmonella goes on a catastrophic crime spree every summer. When he isn’t making unauthorized messes in gastrointestinal tracts, Salmonella can be found hitchhiking on raw meat and produce. Attempts to freeze him out have been unsuccessful.

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