Meet Some of the Inspiring Women Leaders of BioFire

At BioFire, we’re proud of a culture that supports and grows women in leadership. This isn’t just a platitude for us. Our CFO and interim CEO is a woman, along with our chief commercial officer. This representation flows throughout leadership—BioFire also has many female senior vice presidents, vice presidents, directors, and managers.

What has made the difference at BioFire? In a sense, success has led to greater success. As more women have entered into leadership roles at BioFire, they’ve served as role models and advocates for other women in the company.

“The women in leadership here are willing to take risks and speak up—and speak with a loud voice at times if they need to—and support each other in doing that. That creates an environment where more women feel comfortable doing that and can rise to that level, because they have the example of other people who are willing to take those risks.”

Watch this video to meet some of the incredible women leaders at BioFire and learn how their talents, skills, and experience impact every area of the company.