The Value of the Syndromic Approach in an Outpatient Setting

Onsite testing is directly tied to patient satisfaction. In fact, 77% of patients prefer onsite laboratory services, and 67% of patients will drive up to 20 minutes to visit a clinic with onsite lab services.1 But not all onsite infectious disease testing is the same. Some rapid tests offer quick results, but lower sensitivities. Most rapid tests only target one or two pathogens, which can lead to serial testing—or sending the patient home without a solid answer.

“You must have a cold” is not satisfying—especially if patients are left with a lingering worry that the rapid COVID-19 or influenza tests they received may have returned a false negative.2 When it comes to infectious gastroenteritis, traditional testing is slow and offers a low diagnostic yield.3 This can lead to clinicians making treatment decisions without laboratory results.

Fortunately, onsite syndromic infectious disease testing provides fast, accurate, and comprehensive results that can help provide patients with concrete answers and enable clinicians to offer appropriate therapy faster.