How do I add a BioFire 2.0 Instrument to my system?

For detailed instructions please see BioFire 2.0 Operator’s Manual.
The FilmArray Instrument Configuration window enables the operator to add one to eight instruments to a BioFire 2.0 System and configure them.

  • Make sure the BioFire 2.0 instrument is powered on and all cables are correctly connected. The instrument will connect within 10 seconds.
  • From the BioFire® FilmArray® Software menu, select Tools Instrument Configuration. The instrument configuration window will open.
  • Click the Add button from the Instrument Configuration window. The Detected Instruments window will open.
  • Clink the Blink LED button to verify the correct instrument is selected.
  • Click the Add  button. The Detected Instruments window closes automatically after an instrument is selected. The instrument’s icon is not shown in the Instrument Configuration window.
  • Click Save. The Instrument Configuration window will close.