How Were Infections Treated Before Antimicrobial Therapies?

From medieval leeches to multiplex PCR, discover the fascinating history of infectious disease treatments around the world.

Remembering Thomas Brock, the Scientist Who Transformed Biotechnology

Thomas Brock is remembered for discovering Thermus aquaticus, a type of heat-resistant bacteria that makes our work here at BioFire Diagnostics possible.

What Are Viruses? Viruses 101

Viruses have co-existed with humans well before our our earliest evolutionary origins. Learn all about viruses, how they operate, & how they are diagnosed.

The History of Coronaviruses and Humanity

What we don't know about COVID-19 still outweighs what we do know, however, COVID-19 isn't the first coronavirus to infect humans. Learn more about coronaviruses.

Remembering Kary Mullis, Pioneer of PCR

Kary Mullis, the inventor of polymerase chain reaction, died in August 2019. Syndromic testing from BioFire is made possible by his groundbreaking work.

How Epidemiology Began with a London Water Pump

In 1854, a physician named John Snow removed a water pump’s handle—and it changed the world.

10 Women in History Who Helped Make the World a Healthier Place

It's Women's History Month, and we're celebrating by spotlighting 10 women who helped make the world a healthier place.