BioFire® Syndromic Trends

An epidemiology tool for intelligent decision making

What is Syndromic Trends?

Syndromic Trends is a cloud-based network that compiles real-time pathogen data from labs all over the world. Syndromic Trends generates customizable reports that can filter by date, location, laboratory, or even chart type. It can help spot emerging epidemiological patterns—local, regional, and global—and provide context for BioFire FilmArray results.

Syndromic Trends is a Beta research service.


Syndromic Trends Features

  • Downloadable custom reports
  • De-identified data to protect patient privacy
  • Weekly notifications for local and regional activity
  • Near real-time data collection and historical data access
  • Unlimited licenses to clinical website for data collection

How Do I Join Syndromic Trends Network?

This feature is available to all BioFire FilmArray-equipped facilities, and connecting takes just minutes. Get the most out of your syndromic testing by signing up to join the BioFire Syndromic Trends Network today.