How do I configure BioFire Torch modules?

For detailed instructions please see BioFire Torch Operator’s Manual.
The BioFire Torch System Base is preinstalled with the Instrument Configuration application. Once connected physically to the BioFire Torch Base, the Instrument Configuration application allows an operator to add or remove Modules to the BioFire Torch software.
To begin adding or removing modules start the Instrument Configuration Application:

  • Navigate to the Settings toolbar and select Instrument Modules.
  • Select the Instrument Configuration button
    • Note: start initial configuration from the bottom and work up. Modules should be configured to correspond with the physical location(s) on the BioFire Torch.
Adding a BioFire Torch Module:
  • Select the plus icon  for the appropriate location.
  • Use the scroll bar to locate the applicable Module Serial Number and select Blink LED.
  • Use the plus icon to add the appropriate Torch Module.
  • Select Save to save all changes made during this operation.
Removing a BioFire Torch Module:
  • Identify the location configured to Module and check that its status is Idle.
  • Select Remove on the applicable location.
  • Select the Save option to save all changes made during this operation.

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