Advancing AMS With CLARION™

Antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) programs strive to reduce the misuse or overuse of antimicrobials in the hopes of curbing the ever-evolving threat of antimicrobial resistance. But knowing whether a certain infection has been resistant to a certain drug all hinges on historical data: How have different patients with similar infections reacted to this treatment in the past? Did age and gender play a factor? Have ICU patients seen better results than ED patients?

Aggregated data that paint the resistance and susceptibility landscape—known as antibiograms—help clinicians make informed decisions on antimicrobial therapy; however, current methods for creating these reports are time consuming and ineffective with little to advance stewardship efforts to their full potential. This article explores the significance of antibiograms for AMS programs, the limitations traditional antibiograms have, and how the CLARION solution from bioMeriéux can help change the game.