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The FilmArray System from BioFire is the new standard for syndromic infectious disease diagnostics. Simple, fast and comprehensive, the FilmArray delivers accurate results in about an hour. The right test, the first time can impact all areas of patient care. Healthcare providers can see faster diagnoses and improved antibiotic stewardship. Labs can see improved efficiency and reduced costs and downstream testing.

FilmArray ® Panels

The five, FDA-cleared FilmArray panels test for viruses, bacteria, parasites, yeast and antimicrobial resistance genes. Whether you’re trying to select appropriate therapy for a septic patient or determine exactly which respiratory pathogen is making a young child sick, the FilmArray® System can return answers fast.

  • Respiratory
  • Respiratory
    Blood Culture ID
  • Respiratory
  • Respiratory

BioFire Diagnostics
Leading the Way

With more than 25 years of molecular experience, BioFire Diagnostics, LLC sets the standard
for molecular diagnostics through its pioneering advances in syndromic infectious disease

As BioMérieux’s Global Center of Excellence for Molecular Diagnostics, no other company
has FDA-cleared and CE-IVD marked assays for more pathogens. BioFire Diagnostics has
produced the easiest, fastest and most comprehensive multiplex PCR system available: the

What People Are Saying

“I think the FilmArray brings infection control, antimicrobial stewardship, infectious disease clinicians, and pharmacy together. We work as a unit, a team.”

Dr. Navjyot Vidwan, MD
Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist
Dayton Children’s Hospital

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